Our Range

At Havill funeral services we believe everyone is unique which is why we give our families more choice when choosing a coffin for their loved one.

At Havill funeral services we believe that everyone is unique, which is why we give our families more choice when choosing a coffin for their loved one. We stock a range of coffins including traditional solid wood and eco-coffins and our staff are here to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Our coffins range from the simplest to the truly elaborate styles and are suitable for both burial and cremation. Our traditional range of coffins are all expertly crafted and come in a range of colours and finishes. These are all hand built and come with a selection of different handles and interior linings.

Our eco-coffins are made from 100% biodegradable material as they use no nails or screws. We use the most natural and high quality ingredients; including bamboo, willow and pandanus. We also have a variety of designs and colours for you to pick from, so you can ensure that your loved one’s personality is still able to shine through. Again, our eco-coffins are suitable for either cremation or burial as they are all natural.

If you’re looking for something a little more different, our colourful coffins can be personalised and printed on. You can have any image or design to represent your loved one. We are more than happy to print your own designs, so that you can say goodbye in your own way, just speak to one of our friendly members of staff. Alternatively, we also have a gallery of premade designs that you can choose from, to ensure that your loved one is represented in the right way.

If you have any questions about our coffins & caskets, we are here to help. We are available for support and advice 24/7 on 01795 666355 or you can contact us here.