At Havill Funeral Service we’re proud to offer our families a wide choice when it comes to selecting a coffin for their loved one, including a range of traditional coffins – offering a classic, modest aesthetic.

Our traditional coffin range consists of coffins which are all expertly crafted, and finished to the highest standards. They come in a range of colours and finishes, as well as with a selection of different handles and interior linings to choose from, allowing each family to make a choice which best represents their loved one.

You can find a selection of our traditional, hand built coffins below, including options made from a range of both solid and veneered woods.

If you have any questions about our coffins & caskets, or wish to know more about the options for handles and linings inside our traditional coffins, then we are here to support you each step of the way. You can reach us for support and advice 24/7 on 01795 666355, or you can contact us here.

Please see below for our traditional, hand built coffins made from a range of both solid and veneered woods. We have a selection of various style handles and choice of interior linings.

Traditional rookwood elm coffin

Rookwood Elm

With a rich elm finish and a classic design, our Rookwood Elm coffin is a classic choice. It also comes in a veneered finish.

Traditional chiltern oak coffin

Chilton Oak

Simple hoop hardware and a classic finish make our Chilton Oak coffin a timeless choice for your loved ones.

Traditional chiltern sapele coffin

Chilton Sapele

The simple hardware on our Chilton Sapele coffin helps to highlight the wood’s trademark ribboning - a clean yet striking statement.

Traditional rookwood oak pencil panelled coffin

Rookwood Oak

Our classic Rookwood shape receives an update with ornate handles and paneling details, in a smooth oak finish.

Traditional tudor rose coffin

Tudor Rose

Inspired by history, the Tudor Rose coffin features ornate handles and engravings - bringing a touch of opulence to a loved one’s funeral.

Traditional brinkley oak coffin

Brinkley Oak

The striking handles and detailed panelling of our Brinkley Oak coffin is complemented by the pale finish of the wood.

Traditional cavendish utile coffin

Cavendish Utile

With a reddish-brown colour and traditional banded appearance, this utile wood coffin makes a striking choice.

Traditional cambridge oak coffin

Cambridge Oak

Our Cambridge Oak coffin is an ornately panelled option, with a classic oak finish and statement handles.

Traditional crindon oak coffin

Crindon Oak

With a smart shape and clean design, the Crindon Oak coffin offers a timeless choice for those looking for a simple design.

Traditional aston oak coffin

Aston Oak

Ornate handles and panelling give a regal feel to this traditional oak coffin.