About Havills

Havill Funeral Service are based in Sheerness, Kent. We undertake our business with true heartfelt compassion and dignity. From our own life’s experience we draw the strength and utmost dedication to give families and their friends an outstanding quality of service we believe that each grieving family are part of our own unique family.

Relating to the needs of families takes a special kind of understanding, one which is nurtured over years of knowing what is most important….


Coffins & Caskets - Traditional & Eco Friendly Coffins

In line with Havill Funeral Service beliefs, all eco friendly coffins and urns are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way. The bamboo products used are hand made in China from material grown and managed in licensed plantations.

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Our team of qualified, experienced and committed staff are available 24 hours a day to assist you in all your funeral care requirements.

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