Often when people think of a funeral, they picture a crematorium or other religious building and a cemetery. Research was recently conducted which found that over 70% of people who have organised a funeral in the last five years included a service at a crematorium, but we are now seeing more and more people looking to personalise funerals in a way that suits the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.

This focus on creating a celebration of life has lead more people to consider an eco-friendly approach, with increased requests for more environmentally-sustainable funeral arrangements. This includes arrangements like eco-friendly coffins, as well as less traditional burial sites – in a woodland or natural setting.

Natural Burial Sites

These natural burial sites offer a beautiful, tranquil setting for family and friends to visit and reflect. The first natural burial ground in the UK was opened back in 1993, with research showing that the number of these now continue to grow – with estimates stating that there are now over 270 natural burial sites in this country.

Eco Friendly Coffins

Eco friendly coffins are another avenue that has expanded significantly in the past decade – with more and more people giving a great deal of thought to the increasingly diverse range of options now available to them. Historically, coffins were more biodegradable, using simple wood and cloth construction. Now, however, they are often made from chemically-treated wood, with synthetic glues, paint and varnish to make them aesthetically-pleasing. However, this does mean that the coffins are no longer as biodegradable or friendly to the planet as they once were.

In the increasingly environmentally-conscious world we live in, it’s understandable that people who have lived their lives in this way are choosing to think more about their final journey – and the impact that it can have on the planet.

At Havills, we are proud to offer coffins and caskets that suit an extensive range of beliefs and wishes. Our range of eco friendly coffins are all 100% natural and biodegradable, and are built using no nails, screws or staples. They have low impact during harvesting, which makes them appropriate for cremations and burials in whatever setting you choose.

For more information on our eco coffins, or to discuss your wishes with our team, get in contact with us today.