The chapel of rest is a place where many people will go to say their final goodbye to a loved one. Here, we explain what a chapel of rest is, and what you can expect when preparing to visit one.

What is a Chapel of Rest?

A chapel of rest is a room or a building that is typically inside or attached to a funeral home.Here, those close to someone who has passed away can visit and see their loved one before the official funeral takes place. It provides people with an opportunity to say goodbye in privacy, and in their own time.

To visit, it is best to speak with the funeral director to arrange this; they will be able to tell you whether you are able to attend the chapel of rest.

Chapels of rest do not have a set, distinct look and design, but all will include a number of similar features in order to serve their purpose practically. They will have a catafalque, which is a place where the deceased will be placed either in a coffin or a casket; there will also be seats for mourners to sit, and there is typically a heavy set of curtains covering any windows to help ensure privacy.

Chapel of Rest Etiquette

As with funeral ceremonies and other places of rest, there are some generally accepted rules that should be observed when attending a chapel of rest. However, for more specific guidelines on how to behave, you can speak to the funeral director or next of kin of the deceased.

Can I Take Photos in a Chapel of Rest?

This can vary, so it is important to speak with the funeral director or the next of kin to find out if you have permission to take photographs in the chapel of rest. This can be a sensitive subject in these circumstances, so double checking with the person organising the funeral will help avoid any unnecessary distress or offence.

Can I Talk in a Chapel of Rest?

You are free to talk in a chapel of rest. The environment is seen by many as a place where people can vocalise their feelings and emotions and say their goodbyes to a loved one. It is worth noting that you should be mindful of those around you and ensure that you are being respectful to those who are present.

What Should I Wear to a Chapel of Rest?

Unlike many funeral ceremonies, dress-code at a chapel of rest is usually more informal. Typically, you can dress how you like when attending; however, the family may wish for people to observe a particular dress-code for personal, religious or cultural reasons.

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