Traditional & Modern

At Havills we own a varied fleet of vehicles from a classic 1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 up to a modern Mercedes E240 based hearse. We also have an Edwardian style hearse which was purpose built for modern day use.

Vintage Hearse

Vintage Hearse

Our authentic Edwardian style hearse offers a piece of true British heritage for that final journey.

Havill Vehicle

Mercedes E240

Our modern Mercedes E240 hearse built by renowned coachbuilders Coleman Milne.

Funeral Vehicle

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1

Our newest addition to our fleet a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1. A truly timeless British classic motor vehicle.

We can also provide many other modes of transport for your loved one that range from motorcycle hearses, horse drawn hearse or even a 4×4 Land Rover Defender hearse.

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