2020 was a difficult year for all of us. From not being able to work in the same way as we’re used to, to cutting down on trips outside of the home and thousands of events cancelled too. The pandemic has affected our way of life, and funerals arrangements too have also been changed significantly. 

From local lockdown tiers where only a certain number of guests are allowed, to having to socially distance from loved ones who needed a comforting hug now more than ever, the effects of the virus have been far-reaching. We know how important it is for family and friends to come together at a time of personal loss, so we’ve put together a few great ideas on how you can honour the memory of your loved one where social distancing and other tier restrictions still apply. 

Use social media to live stream the service

Many crematoriums and funeral parlours have the technology these days to broadcast a service live on the internet so that family members who cannot be present, either because they live far away or are restricted due to COVID, are able to feel connected at this final goodbye. If they don’t have such services, then with sites such as Facebook and video calls you can allow family members not in attendance to hear and see everything that is taking place. 

Have absentee family members send a photo

In some areas where guest numbers have been capped, those family members who cannot be in attendance in person can send a picture of themselves to be placed in the seats during the service. This allows other people to know that they are not alone during this time, and that the loved one’s family has many people thinking of them. Pictures can be sent via email and printed out at one location if they cannot be sent directly in person. 

Messages can be read out at the service

Eulogies are usually given at funerals in the form of a speech so that everyone knows exactly what kind of person the deceased was, sharing their funny and memorable moments, and what made them who they are. During times of social distancing, family members can send in their own eulogies to be read out, or even record them to be played at the funeral service. This is a great way for everybody who wants to to be able to participate in the service to do so, and be present in celebrating the life of the deceased.

Whichever way you choose to hold a socially distanced funeral, ensure that you make the time and space to include everyone who would normally have been in attendance. Finding a solution that works for everyone is key, and the formula for a memorable service will be one that includes friends, work colleagues and family members equally. Your local funeral service director will also be able to offer invaluable advice about how to proceed with a socially distanced funeral. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information and advice.