We Can Help

At Havill Funeral Service we pride ourselves on providing an understanding and inclusive funeral service for all. As part of our offering, we are able to provide a range of additional services which can be incorporated into our funeral services, or separately for grave maintenance or memorial purposes. We also offer services specifically for pet funerals, as we understand that your pet is a hugely important member of your family and they too, need a wonderful send off.

If you would like to enshrine your loved one in your memory, ensuring that they receive the best possible farewell, and are seeking to extend your funeral package, then you can select from any of our additional service offerings. These include the resetting of gravestones, grave markers for pet graves, caskets and keepsakes for ashes and the creation of cremation and memorial jewellery. For more information, get in touch with the Havills team.

At Havills, alongside our funeral services, we also offer a full range of related services including:

  • Re-setting of gravestones and side curbing.
  • Cleaning and repainting of grave lettering.
  • Replacement of glass chipping in various colours and stone sizes.
  • Selection of stone for laser engraving.
  • Wood grave markers including an engraved plaque in various sizes which can be also used for pet graves.
  • Ashes caskets and keepsakes for ashes.
  • Solid wood or colourful caskets which can be personalised with your own pictures.
  • Decorative urns in brass, china etc to keep at home.
  • We can take a loved one’s fingerprint and set it in silver to be worn as a piece of jewellery.
  • We can also transform cremation ashes into glass jewellery.

If there is a particular service which you are seeking which is not on our list, please do get in touch with our team to ask for support.